Innovative solutions

Performance and reliability in agriculture



For straw, corn stalks, sunflower, tobacco, potato and chard foliage, pruning, pruning, green spaces.


Side Shredder

For road edges, embankments, ditches, pruning up to 12 cm in diameter, grass, etc.

Meaat - Trincia

Back and/or front

For grass, vine shoots, pruning up to 12 cm in diameter, crop residues, etc.

Evolution and technology


What we do

1. Shredder
2. Side Shredder
3. Back and / or Front Shredder
4. Rotors
5. Hydraulic Cylinders

Who we are

Will, determination, ambition …

… sometimes these concepts meet and give rise to dreams, to projects: from here Is Meaat.

Our experience in the industry comes from afar and has allowed us to perfect ourselves in all entrepreneurial phases (administration, purchasing, sales, design, production) even if we do not plan to stop learning.